Tuesday, March 1, 2011

VooDoo Church ~ Original LA Gothic

If you were in Los Angeles in the early 80's, you likely well remember the emergence of 'Death Rock'. The term 'Gothic' was not used as much back then.  Many of us spent hours around Hollywood, Clubbing at Club Lingerie ( The Veil) , Cathay de Grande, The Rainbow, The Troubadour etc, etc till the wee hours of the morning, when the Dennys on Sunset was almost the only place open to eat and sober up.

 Sunday, late afternoon brought shopping on Melrose Avenue when it was the home of reasonably priced cool shops like Vinyl Fetish, Flip, Poseur, so many more that I just can't recall. And we walked. Parking at one end of the blocks of stores and walking a few miles up and back. Dressing retro was easy then, thrift shops practically gave the old clothes away.  And if it wasn't black already then you found some RIT and dyed it black!  Gothic style emerged and grew here in Los Angeles.

VooDoo Church was born here in the LA Music scene. And though it has gone through many changes over the years, it can still claim title to being one of the foundation Gothic bands.  Since I have known founding members Tina and Bob for over 25 years,  I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to VooDoo Church and their work.

Voodoo Church “EP” was released in December of 1982 and features four songs ("Eyes - Second Death", "Steeple Walls", "Live With the Dead" and "Rest in Peace") written by Tina Winter and Bob Reimer.
VooDoo Church then -Tina Winter – Vocals, Bob Reimer – Hell Guitar, Shadow – Rhythm Guitar, Jeff Porter – Bass and Chris – Drums.

Then there was Tina's interview with NoMag. To this day I have yet to have her make me some of this Chinese food!  Tina, next time we aren't going to BBQ we are going to make Chinese! I will stir- fry , you do the rice. I have 2 Woks.

Flier from the Vinyl Fetish EP signing. Who remembers Henry & Joseph the owners of Vinyl Fetish? They were key to helping so many bands in LA then.

The band’s first full-length album, “Unholy Burial” through Strobelight Records, was released in November of 2004.  This album’s 12 tracks were recorded and written by Tina Winter and Randall Cole between March and August of 2004, with the exception of two songs which were originally written by Tina and Bob in 1983.

Key Club, Hollywood- September 2005

Voodoo Church’s latest release is, “Eminence of Demons” through Strobelight Records.  Released on November 20, 2009, the writing and recording of this CD took place at various times between 2006 through 2009. 

For more on VooDoo Church please visit their main site HERE

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VooDooChurch today- Tina Winter, Rob (Bob) Reimer, Randy Cole, Tony Havoc, Darlin Havoc.


Anonymous said...

Great band :)

Unknown said...

I loved that EP! I stumbled on it in a record store in the late eighties and snatched it up instead of buying lunch that day...then I lost it in a move and I was never able to find another copy...Glad to know they're still out there and that I can still get my hands on those songs!

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