Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gothic greetings to Russia & beyond

Литературные произведения Запорожского готического портала

Interview with Gothic Tea Society mistress


Gothic Tea Society has one of the best Gothic Blogs in the world. We obtained an interview with Wednesday Black (GTS Mistress) to understand what could be the reasons of the success. When you’ve understood Gothic is yours?
Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Since I was a little girl I have been attracted to darker aesthetics. Cemeteries, Skeletons, and other things that most people consider creepy. What was your reason to organize Gothic Tea Society?
Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): I began The Gothic Tea Society as a blog of my own macabre interests. As the blog picked up followers, it became a place to bring together people in the Gothic community. The internet allows Goths from all over the world to share ideas, fashion, music, and much more. I enjoy being able to share with other Goths this way.

You can read the entire interview in English HERE and in Russian HERE

Many Thanks to Vasyl Cothurnatus for including the Gothic Tea Society on this lovely dark site.

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