Thursday, June 4, 2009

S. Carolina Funeral Home Closed After Dismembering Corpse to Fit in Casket

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Published: June 3, 2009

The South Carolina funeral board revoked the licenses of an Allendale funeral home and funeral director accused of cutting off the legs of a man too tall for his casket.

The Board of Funeral Service voted Monday to revoke the funeral director Michael Cave’s license and the license of Cave Funeral Services of Allendale after months of investigation.

According a document released by the South Carolina Department Of Labor and Licensing, a funeral home employee used an electric saw to cut off James Hines’ lower legs so he would fit in a casket that he was too tall for.

The body of James Hines was exhumed back in March after investigators acted on a tip that Hines legs were cut off in 2004 when he was buried.

The family requested a larger casket because Hines was 6’7” and couldn’t fit in a normal casket.

A former employee of Cave Funeral Services says Hines was too tall for the casket he paid for before his death and said the funeral home didn’t want to pay for a larger casket.

Hines’ widow, Ann, says the family is somewhat relieved the funeral home has been shutdown and the director’s license revoked, but they still wonder why it happened to their loved one.

For the first time since the rumors began almost five years ago, Ann says Cave Funeral Services apologized to her and the family for all they’ve had to go through.

The Board of Funeral Services fined Cave for the violation and he must also pay $1,500 for the investigation into his business.

This is why people always say "Try before you buy!". You could end up with your legs cut off.

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Hence my preference for cremation.

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