Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire- the mad tea party

What, exactly, is Wicked Faire? It’s a slightly-twisted Renaissance Faire without borders, or at least, with damn few borders.   It’s honestly pretty accurate to say that Wicked Faire offers you a ticket into another world, and while you’re there, it sends so much entertainment and so many good things your way that there isn’t a really good word for what kind of event we are.  Know this:  we are welcoming, we are frequently weird, and we want you with us.
This year’s theme is The Mad Tea Party. Will you have to fall down a rabbit hole to get in? Need you enter a looking glass? Well, frankly, since you’ll end up in New Jersey either way, it doesn’t matter too much.    Welcome to our perpetually-added-to home on the web.  This site grows and evolves as the event gets nearer. Come in! Come in! Find out more and visit the site HERE

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