Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ghosts of South Carolina

Happy 4th of July to all! In the spirit of Independence day and Gothic Tea Society, I thought I would mention a few ghost stories that surround Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. I'm not sure as to how true they actually are, but I discovered them in "Ghosts of the South Carolina Midlands."

The first ghost story is that of a young girl that tragically killed herself. She's seen on the artillery range with a hole in her helmet. Strange thing is why would she have head gear on if she were to kill herself? Something to ponder on. Another ghost is seen in the B company 369th AG barracks. He's a shadowy figure who makes sure his soldiers are in bed, goes to the bathroom, closes the door and never returns.

There's also a rich ghost history in Columbia, itself. Of course, we have the story of the Congaree River Bridge being haunted by a young girl who hitchhikes and asks her benefactor who picks her up to take her to her home and disappears in the car on the way there. There's also a very interesting haunting of the Longstreet Theater.

The Longstreet Theater
"The haunting of Longstreet Theatre relates directly to it's history of being used as a military hospital during the Civil War. It has long been rumored the morgue was housed in the basement of this building in a room that now serves as the "Green Room" for the theatre. The "Green Room" actually is three barrelvaulted alcoves made out of brick. Many stories have circulated among the student population of sightings and strange noises, especially late at night. So convinced are some theatre students, that many refuse to be in the building after dark alone and institute a "buddy system." One student relates a story about being in the theatre late at night for a dress rehearsal and going down to the basement to buy a soda from the vending machine located directly opposite the "Green Room." As the student stood facing the machine, a sudden wave of fear overcame her and she looked over her shoulder towards the Green Room. As she did so, the temperature dropped suddenly and she felt a wall cold air hit her even though there are no windows and the entrance doors to the basement remained closed. The student left in a hurry and later described the feeling as being watched by a negative energy."
(info about the Longstreet Theater taken from

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