Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ventura Ghostwalk!

I've been hearing about this for the last couple years. I even know a few people who have went and they say it's awesome! If you are in the area I would suggest checking it out. I know I am definitely going to try and do it this year!

Here's a little info from the site: :

"This is the 16th anniversary of Ventura County’s original Ghostwalk. Over the years, thousands of Ghostwalk groupies from all over California have walked the walk and come back for more.

Tours leave every 15 minutes beginning at 6:30pm - last tour begins at 9:00pm

Its continued popularity is due to the fact that we rarely present the same story twice, and its “ghostoric” location changes from year to year, influencing what stories we tell. The Ghostwalk is not a “spook house”, but a unique form of theatre in the streets, which embraces the tradition of great storytelling mixed with fun history that is suitable for the whole family (7 and older). All proceeds from this event go to help support the Santa Paula Theater Center.

It is about a one-hour walk by flashlight (please bring one). Tours are limited to 25 people - get your tickets as early as October 1st, as most tours sell-out. The tour is wheelchair safe, but due to the variable circumstances of the tours, there are some wheelchair limitations that may apply.

Since the Ghostwalk is a fundraiser, please bring a little mad money so you can buy some tasty goodies sold by our local youth groups. You can also pick up collectible Ghostwalk merchandise such as our ghostly embroidered Ghostwalk painter's caps and two collection booklets of this year's Ghostwalk stories as well as favored ones of the past. "

If you are interested, Check out their website here.

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Carrie Miller said...

This is in the town where I live!! Every year they put up signs changing Santa Paula to Spooky Paula and there are mystery train rides as well as the 'pumpkin liner'- Come and have fun!!

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