Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome Blog Tour Visitors!!

 Welcome Visitors from Mrs B's and Thank You Mrs. B for hosting this event every year!

Welcome to The Gothic Tea Society.  Please take some time to peruse our archives and make yourselves at home. There are lots of stories, history, art, fashion, events and fun in there- all with a spooky twist.  All of the Gothic Tea Society contributors have a love of the Macabre which is evident in our posts. Several of those who contribute to making the GTS blog as spooky as it is, have fascinating blogs of their own- so do check them out!

My name is Wendy, creator of The Gothic Tea Society. I am an 'Eldergoth' (over 40), Gothmom to two adult daughters and wife to my very own Mad Hatter! (my husband Jeff) and servant to 6 cats. I work full time for a large telecommunications company and yes- I wear all black to work most every day.
This blog is one way that I connect with the Gothic subculture of which I have been a part of for many years, posting not only stories and photos of interest but also promoting gothic and dark artists, fashion, music and events.  One of my other interests is photography, a passion I share with my husband.  We have an ongoing blog of our road trips which center on the odd, macabre, vintage and other sites of interest that we encounter on our travels. Please do drop by! You can find it here November Obscura. We also have many different photographs HERE on our gallery.

I thought I would share some photographs of one of my other passions- Dolls. I have quite a few of them, and as you can see . .  they are not your average dolls!  Many of the dolls in these photos are from Creepy Dolls , October Effigies , and Madame Talbot

Smaller Dolls from Madame Talbot, October Effigies, Creepy Dolls and a few of my Living Dead dolls.

Dr Nicholas Blood- Plague Dr. (Handy to have around when the Plague comes through every year)

This is Pio, she is probably the one that creeps most people out. She is about 3 ft tall and has a very knowing gaze. You would also swear she just moved every time you look at her.
This sweet girl has been playing in the dirt again!

This elegant lady is one of a few I have that have no eyes. But don't think that that means they don't know what you are up to!

This is my newest doll. She has such a big lovely smile! I love the tiny bats on her dress.

This is Sedona, she is the Matriarch of my doll clan- which is some 30 something dolls. The interesting thing about Sedona is that sometimes her face looks angry, and sometimes not. When she looks mad we all try and think about what could have made Sedona upset. You really don't want Sedona upset.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you will drop by often!
Happy Halloween!


Kallan said...

Hi there.. visiting from Mrs. B's site.. love your haunted blog!!


Nydia said...

Hi Wendy!

You have a priceless collection here! I particularly love Pio!

Hope you have a great weekend and I'll surely stop by often.


ELLIE said...

loved your doll collection - hopped over from mrs b's blog - thanks for sharing!!!!

Lyn said...

What a fantastic doll collection! Thank you for the blog tour :-)

SalemMomma said...

Hi! Stopping by from Mrs. B's. I love your blog. Your dolls are so cute. I love Pio, I can see why she would creep people out. She looks so alive!

Robin Larkspur said...

Hi, I stopped by from Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween, and wanted to say, wow, what a blog!! I look forward to going through it more thoroughly as time allows. I love the name of your blog. I also signed up as a new follower, so I extend an invitation to you to come visit my little blog as well!

Sugar said...

wow those are amazingly creepy! I love them!!
thank you for sharing!

jilmac said...

Trick-or-Treat! I'm a Cryptkeeper from the Countdown to Halloween blog. I love the dolls, going to visit the creepy babies at the Etsy baby ward right now.*giggling*

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