Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cirque Berzerk!

Last night my mom, step dad, sister and myself went on a family outing to see Cirque Berzerk. My mom and step dad had seen the show before but this was the first time my sister and I have seen it. I would recommend the show to anyone. It was definitely entertaining! There was a clown riding a flame throwing tricycle, a 4 man trampoline act, attempted gay necrophilia, acrobatics and a magic number where a hat is pulled out of a rabbit. I do recommend that you try to get floor seats, as they are the best. Our original seats were on the main floor but my sister and i got upgraded to front row seats! we were the first row right infront of the stage. There was no photography allowed but when has that ever stopped me? I am known to touch things that are clearly labeled "DO NOT TOUCH!" and take pictures where pictures are not allowed.

So, for your enjoyment I present - crappy cell phone pictures from my iPhone 4!

AND - an HD video! (It's short :( )


~Wendy~ said...

I liked the show even better the the second time!

Sara said...

Looks cool

John said...

looks like fun all judging by what I am seeing from your entry

ultimategothguide said...

Hello! I have been enjoying your blog so much that I have tagged you with a Versatile Blogger's Award on my blog - please don't feel you have to repost it, I just intended to pay a compliment and hopefully introduce more of my followers to this fantastic blog! =D

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