Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zombie Walk Hollywood

We found the Zombies underground parking garage lair, and I shot them as they came out. .  with my camera that is!

Zombie Booty

Princess Leia

Mourning Zombies

Dorothy Zombie was my favorite!

This Zombie just got lei d!

The Zombies have lots of Zombie handlers to help

The Zombies walk from their underground parking garage lair to Hollywood Blvd. Even the L.A. P. D. is out to ensure the zombies are safe from tourists!  

Love the shoes!

The Zombies are escorted by handlers across busy Hollywood Blvd. in groups.

Next batch of Zombies waits for the light to change.

You can get more info on future Zombie walks HERE

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Those are some truly awesome costume/makeup combinations-I'm torn as to whether I love Zombie Leia or Zombie Dorothy more. Our ZombieCrawl in Denver is in just over a week (21st October), and I am so excited for it!

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