Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skull Camera

As Halloween fast approaches, we were inspired to bring you some of the most bizarre and dark eco products. Hands down, this pin hole skull camera crafted by sculpture artist Wayne Martin Belger is the spookiest we have ever seen. The piece, entitled Third Eye, is part of a small collection of eerie photography equipment made from metal, precious stones, and human remains.

The device works by briefly exposing film inside the skull. And just like other pin hole cameras, there are no lenses, battery powered flashes, or any ability to zoom in on a subject. Belger says he prefers this low-tech photo capturing method, because it’s the most “true representation of a segment of light and time – a pure reflection of what is at that moment.”

See the full article HERE


pensive pumpkin said...

that is more than a little bit amazing. wow. i love the pinhole cameras, but this?

this is just the coolest thing EVAH.

Aelfcynn said...

That camera should be sitting on my bookcase.

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