Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Woman in Black
I have been posting about this film on the GTS Facebook for quite a spell now. I thought to post the trailer here just in case it was not yet known to all. The house, sets and costumes are fabulous!

Our parents warned us to stay far away.
When the tide fills in, she comes out to play.

She searches the land, for a lost one.
Wailing and calling, until the dawning sun.

She enters the village, before the first frost.
Searching for children, to replace her long lost.

One by one, she takes them away,
Back to the marsh, Where forever they'll stay.

She'll never give up until she gets him back
No one can stop, the woman in black.


Have you seen her?
The Woman in Black
She once lost a boy
Now she's come back.

Our parents are worried
They make such a fuss.
For if she can't find him
She'll take one of us.

During afternoon tea,
There's a shift in the air
A bone-trembling chill,
That tells you she's there.

There are those who believe
The whole town is cursed.
But the house in the marsh
is by far the worst.

What she wants is unknown,
but she always comes back.
The specter of darkness,
The Woman in Black.

Daniel Radcliff is looking like quite the gentleman these days.

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Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

Ooh, have you actually seen it yet? If not, I'd say, definitely do. If you have, what did you think of it?
Nina @ Death Books and Tea

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