Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vintage Postcard

That dark figure in the distance is endlessly fascinating to me.

There's nothing written on the back, not even a date. Strange.


Dirgesinger said...

This reminds me of the postcard my family owns. It shows some rocks, trees and a seashore, and the back says something like that (I do not know exactly, I only saw it twice at my grandma's): "Hello, we are in Abbazia, the weather is beautiful and the sea is warm. We have heard of the news of the assassination, and hope its not true."

The date is written under the text: June 1914.

i always thought its haunting. I am a history teacher and i always tell this story to my students.

MoJo said...

I concur. One could stare at this for hours, imagining.

MoJo said...

And here I am, back again, staring at this image. Seems a perfect one for you to transform into a painting. I can picture it on your wall. Well, I've never seen your wall, but I can picture you having it in your home.

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