Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mourning Pins

In Victorian times it was considered socially disastrous to wear shiny faceted jewels or shiny metal during the year-long period of deep mourning as it was a sign of coming out of mourning too early. Matte black metal mourning straight pins such as these were used to hold veils and other clothing accessories in place during this period. Bright finishes were allowed to be used in the later stages of mourning, or half-mourning.
Mirrors were sometimes covered, and I’ve heard that cloth was sometimes hung up in front of photos of the deceased. Perhaps mourning pins were used to hold these cloths as well.


Miss Olivia said...

The covering of mirrors is still practiced by Jews in mourning.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

You have a lovely collection.

dragonfly =i= said...

Thanks for the interesting information, Miss Olivia! I must read more on it.
Old Fashion Halloween, I wish I owned them all...only the first box is mine. I found the other photos on the net- hope I'm not going to hell for lifting images. Pretty sure it'd be for some other reason. ;)

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