Friday, November 20, 2009

Salad Fingers

I first met Salad Fingers a few years back. He is a delight to the authentically twisted. To others he might just seem ill. Enjoy!

Salad Fingers is a surreal psychological horror Flash cartoon series originally created byBritish cartoonist David "Foyf" Firth in July 2004 which gained rapid internet popularity in 2005. The San Francisco Chronicle ranked it in the "top 10" pop culture phenomena for that year.

Already a well-known Flash animation series available on the internet, Salad Fingers premiered in Australia at the 2007 Sydney Underground Film Festival at the Factory Theatre. The first seven episodes were shown back to back, along with a variety of other animated short films, during the "Re-animation" session.  The cartoons' musical score features theremin played byClara Rockmore.

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Vampire Sighs said...

Thanks for this - love it!

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