Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jumlin Native American Vampire Legend

Once there was a powerful Medicine Man who ruled wisely and kindly, and he loved the maiden Laughing Sky. They were wed and lived in peace and happiness except for one thing--Laughing Sky was barren.

The Medicine Man prayed to the Great Spirit, but his prayers were unheard. Soon Laughing Sky was reaching the end of her child-bearing years. The Medicine Man declared that unless the Great Spirit granted him a son, he would no longer obey and serve. Still there was no answer.

The Medicine Man turned to more forbidden arts and opened a portal to usher in a powerful spirit from the realm of spirit shadows, Jumlin. Jumlin promised the Medicine Man many sons and daughters, but he lied and took over the heart and mind of the Medicine Man instead.

Jumlin was a strong ansd cruel spirit who fed on the blood of living things. He took the young braves to satisfy his appetites. He then took the women and then the children. He sired many strong and healthy children. His tribe grew to hate and fear the Medicine Man. The tribe sent hunters to another tribe to learn how to destroy Jumlin since the Medicine Man was no longer human and couldn't be killed by normal means.

When the tribe returned, they found Laughing Sky very ill and close to giving birth to Laughing Bear. After Laughing Bear was born, Jumlin drained all of Laughing Sky's blood. Jumlin then escaped across the plain with his newborn son and several women of the tribe.

Laughing Bear grew as strong and cruel as his father, Jumlin, but soon the hunters found them. The Medicine Man and the demon within him were destroyed. However, Laughing Bear escaped. With his brothers and sisters, Laughing Bear is said to still walk the Earth today. They are said to be the first vampires, the drinkers of blood.


Anonymous said...


this was very intriguing mythology, thank you for sharing it....

I have a blog award, and a tag for you on my blog, I hope you will click on over and take it and share it....


Dhoa Renee said...

Fun story--any idea what tribe this comes from?

Evil Lily said...

A few of the tribes that believe this are the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee, and Black Foot.

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