Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Halloween Tunes to Freak out Your Eardrums

As you all know, my mom's favorite holiday is halloween. Growing up we had halloween decorations around the house year round. We had a Skeleton that sat on a bench in the front yard and stayed up until after christmas. For christmas, he wore a santa hat. Even today my mom has a skull on top of one of her curio cabinets that is currently wearing pink bunny ears for easter. So all that being said - its never too early to plan for halloween. Here are 9 songs that are good year round, but will serve you well at your next halloween party. I say 9 because the last one is some sort of rap song...

My favorite is I Was a Teenage Warewolf by the Cramps...what's yours?

1 comment:

Collegiate Goth said...

It seems they've forgotten my all-time favorite; "Halloween" by the Misfits. ;) But "Dragula" by Rob Zombie is good too, as well as Bauhaus.

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