Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woman comes to life during autopsy

Funeral workers in Colombia got a bit of a surprise when a supposedly dead woman they were preparing for burial started breathing and moving.
Surgeons surgery doctors Doctors repeatedly failed to resuscitate the woman before she started breathing again in the funeral home
The woman had been pronounced dead hours earlier at a hospital in Cali, in western Colombia, after she suffered multiple organ failure due to complications related to multiple sclerosis.

After multiple resuscitation attempts had apparently failed, the doctors pronounced the woman dead and sent her to the funeral home.

But as the workers began to apply formaldehyde to her body, she started breathing again and began making movements.

Doctors identified it as a case of 'Lazarus syndrome', an extremely rare phenomenon in which the circulation spontaneously restarts after failed resuscitations.

The woman was returned to the hospital, where she remains in a coma.

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Der Krampus said...

As a licensed funeral director I remember a story relayed by our local county medical examiner some years ago that reminds me of this. While they didn't actually use the expression "Lazarus Syndrome" the circumstances were very similar...

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