Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dolls Funeral Poem circa 1899

The Doll’s Funeral
When - my - dolly - died, - when - my dolly - died, 
I - sat - on - the - step - and - I - cried - and - cried;

And I couldn't eat any jam and bread, 
'Cause it didn't seem right when my doll was dead. 
And Bridget was sorry as she could be, 
For she patted my head, and "O," said she, 
"To think that the pretty has gone and died!" 
Then I broke out afresh and I cried and cried.

And all the dollies from all around 
Came to see my dolly put under the ground; 
There was Luly Lee and Mary Clack 
Brought their dolls over, all dressed in black; 
And Emiline Hope and Sara Lou 
Came over and brought their dollies, too, 
And all the time I cried and cried, 
'Cause it hurt me so when my dolly died.

We dressed her up in a new white gown, 
With ribbons and laces all around; 
And made her a coffin in a box 
Where my brother keeps his spelling blocks; 
And we had some prayers, and a funeral, too; 
And our hymn was "The Two Little Girls in Blue." 
But for me, I only cried and cried, 
'Cause it truly hurt when my dolly died.

We dug her a grave in the violet bed, 
And planted violets at her head; 
And we raised a stone and wrote quite plain, 
"Here lies a dear doll who died of pain." 
And then my brother, said he, "Amen," 
And we all went back to the house again, 
But all the same I cried and cried, 
Because I'd a right when my doll had died.

And then we had more jam and bread, 
But I didn't eat, 'cause my doll was dead. 
But I tied some crape on my doll house door, 
And then I stood and cried some more. 
I couldn't be happy, don't you see! 
Because the funeral belonged to me. 
And then the others went home, and then 
I went out and dug up my doll again.


Anonymous said...


Evil Lily said...


Diane said...

fantastic! cute as creepy can be!

Joyce Christophr said...

I had been looking for this poem for years.
My mother use to tell it to me all the time as a child.
When my kids came along she also said it to my daughter and her friends.
When they had kids she would tell it to my son's daughters.
She knew it by heart.
It means so much to me to find it.
Thank you very much,

~Wendy~ said...

I fell in love with this poem the moment I read it. I am happy to know that it has brought you good memories!

andrea kiss said...

Wonderful and wonderfully odd! Puts me in mind of Gingerbread Coffin by Rasputina.

Bonita said...

I found this poem in an old book when I was very young and I have gone back to read it from time to time.

Jocelyn Kasper said...

This poem was written by Miss Will Allen Dromgoole (1860-1934), Tennessee poet and literary editor of THE NASHVILLE BANNER. There are a few typos and changes on this page not found in the original.

I will be presenting this poem in a theatrical reading as part of THE GHOSTS OF NASHVILLE production on Halloween 10/31/2015. Does anyone from the Gothic Tea Society have anything to share about their impressions of this poem? Thank you.

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