Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spanish Moss Effigies

Spanish moss is a common sight in parts of the South, where it festoons ancient trees with it's trailing, greyish growths.As a magical herb, this eerie-looking plant has contradictory uses: A few claim that it enhances money drawing charms, but most root workers will tell you that it is a powerful jinxing ingredient for use in evil work, for wich purpose it is added to War Water. Everyone agrees that it is the best all-purpose filling for a doll intended to represent another person, no matter whether the doll is used for good or evil works.

The cloth dolls are stuffed with Spanish moss and a blend of three or seven love herbs or destruction herbs (depending on the purpose of the doll), then the hair of the victim is sewn within the dolls head...one of the easiest and most potent effigies one can make :)

Some love drawing herbs, roots and minerals to add to spanish moss when stuffing dolls:
Adam and Eve Root,
Apple, Lavender,
Blood Root, Mint,
Cowrie Shells, Orange,
Damiana, Passion Flower,
Knot Weed, Sweetners

Stuffings For Destruction:
Black Pepper, Needles,
Blueberry ,Personal Concerns,
Datura Seeds, Salt,
Graveyard Dirt, Vetiver

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