Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 'Peek-a boo Girl'

The photo is Veronica Lake in the 1942 film "I Married a Witch". This movie was the idea for the televison show 'Bewitched', which brought witches into millions of American homes.

Veronica Lake

Date of Birth: November 14, 1919 Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York Date of Death: July 7, 1973

Given name: Constance Frances Marie Ockleman

Known as "the Peek-a-Boo Girl," actress Veronica Lake was a film star in the early 1940's. The blond beauty was known for her hairstyle, which cascaded over her right eye; it was emulated so much that U.S. government officials actually asked her to change the style during World War II, for fear that women working on assembly lines as part of the wartime effort might be injured by having their long hair caught in their machinery. Her best-known films included Sullivan's Travels with Alan Ladd, This Gun for Hire with Joel McCrea, and So Proudly We Hail! with Claudette Colbert. By 1945, however, her career had peaked, and by 1948 she no longer had a contract with Paramount pictures. The decades afterwards were characterized by attempts at television acting, some roles on the stage, and occasional movie appearances. At the time of her death of hepatitis at the age of 53 in 1973, Veronica Lake was drinking heavily, working as a cocktail waitress, and was married to her fourth husband, a fisherman.

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