Sunday, May 31, 2009

Edward Hull~ Watercolourist

Edward Hull (1823 – 1906), a well-known illustrator and watercolour painter, exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.
Born in Keysoe in Bedfordshire, England, the second son of a farmer, he painted many watercolours but was mainly known as a book illustrator. He was employed for many years up to 1861 by The Illustrated Times the best-known publication in London, and was an illustrator for several books such as Stratford on Avon by Sidney Lee (published around 1890) and The Laureate's Country (a book on Alfred Tennyson) by Alfred J. Church, published around the same time.
Edward Hull symbolises the spirit of illustration in the 19th Century. The great illustrators such a Phiz (who illustrated many of Dickens's books) are well known. Edward Hull represents the many who plied their trade in periodicals and books before the advent of photography in the early 20th Century.
Edward Hull was born in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, but lived most of his life in London. He travelled widely in England as his paintings and illustrations show. He married and had two daughters and three granddaughters. He died on 3 February, 1906 and is buried in St Peters Church in Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire.


Jeff Kaye said...

Sorry but you describe the wrong Edward Hull. I wrote the above bio of EH (1823-1906) but the EH who painted the five pictures you show was his uncle, who was born around 1790, retired to Huggens college in 1849 and probably died not long after. these paintings were probably painted around 1830.

~Wendy~ said...

Wonderful! Thank you for correcting the record!

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