Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is perfect summer reading for the devoted horror fan!

Incubus is the story of an isolated Maine town, afflicted by a severe heat wave in the summer of 1974. As temperatures rise, strange phenomena descends upon the town. One by one, the women fall victim to nightly sexual attacks perpetrated by an unseen force. Could there be a demon in their midst? Sensible minister's wife Cora sets out to learn the truth in this updated take on the tale of Persephone and Demeter.

This is truly fascinating stuff, frightening and terrifyingly realistic without being overtly graphic. The depictions of the small town life are absolutely beautiful, from the tending of gardens and the cooking of meals to the rediscovery of Women's Lib and Goddess worship. This is one of my personal all-time favorite books - picked it up on a whim one day and have read it and re-read it to shreds. 

Ann Arensberg's "Incubus" is out of print - sad, but true - but amazon has plenty of used copies ranging in price from 1 penny to 94 cents! What do you have to lose besides a dollar?


~Wendy~ said...

Now I just MUST read!

Anonymous said...

Oh please do - I've been DYING to discuss it with someone for years and haven't met anyone else who's read it!

William Kretschmer said...

Check, it's on my list! I only buy hardcover editions, but they are avalilable as well.

~Wendy~ said...

It is on the way! I will let you know once I read it.

Anonymous said...

It's on my wish list now! Thanks for the tip, it sounds right up my alley.

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