Saturday, May 23, 2009

Requiem for a Vampire

So, I just killed my afternoon by watching this 1971 Czech horror flick, and I just gotta ask: what the HELL was THAT about?!

One hour and twenty eight minutes of watching two scantily clad schoolgirls with guns romp across the countryside, doff their clothes at every available opportunity and evade the horny grasp of everyone who crosses their path, mostly without success.

My advice: just rent a porno and be done with it. 


William Kretschmer said...

Czech? I thought it was French, Jean Rollin being the director. It has a bit of a cult, but not for being a horror (or vampire) movie:-)
Most versions are dreadfully cut.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is French, Rollin's films didn't have wide releases so it was probably never shown in a Czech cinema at the time.
Rollin's movies aren't for everyone, but this certainly isn't his best.

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