Monday, October 19, 2009

The Housewives Tarot

When I first saw this tarot deck some years back, I just had to own a copy. Now, I am not exactly a domestic diva ( my adult daughters make fun of me if I actually grocery shop) but this deck is a must have for the art work and humor alone! It is a very 50's/60's sort of deck with plates as pentacles and even martini glasses as cups. The deck comes in a neat little gingham recipe box. A great gift for your favorite house- witch!


wendy =i= said...

I have this fun deck...I love the death card- a jar of mayonnaise left out. ;D

jaz said...

omg....this is sooooo funny. i never saw it before. i just returned from my new england trip and am doing a giveaway basket filled with items from the trip. i am also doing a halloween giveaway before the big day. just a heads up in case you want to enter!

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