Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Red Garter

in 1897, The Red Garter was a saloon and bordello in Williams, Arizona. Now, It is a bed & breakfast. It is famous for the restored victorian decor, the bakery downstairs and of course - ghost stories.

One of their featured ghost stories is the smiling ghost woman in a picture that the owner, John Holst, shows guests. No one else in the photo has a smile. Even the stranger, this woman with the coquettish grin, casts no reflection in the mirror she stand in front of. Is this woman just in the background? Or is she a playful ghost that just wanted to look good for her picture?

While most guests report having a good night's sleep, some say they felt the bed shake, heard someone going up and down the stairs, or felt something/someone touching their arms.

My parents, sister and I stayed here during a family vacation some years ago. We ended up leaving a day early because no one could sleep with all the activity there. the 4 of us definitely had some experiences.

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Melanie's Randomness said...

That's awesome! Reminds me of 1408. If I lived near Arizona I would totally try to stay there!!

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