Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vintage Halloween Party Invitations

As the days grew short and winds began to blow the fallen leaves about, an invitation to a Halloween party was a delightful surprise. Often delivered in secret after dark mysteriously appearing on the doorstep. Here are some examples of verses from such invites circa 1920 and earlier.

On a certain evening of the year,
We are all enveloped in awful fear.
This is the time when witches take flight,
And cats prowl round in the dead of night.
So 'bout eight o'clock we'd like you to meet,
In the first white house on Maple Street.

... The Witches

If you don't reply without delay
Bad luck will follow you to your last day.

In the name of the spooks I've come to ask,
If sheet and pillowcase and mask
You'll don on Halloween at eight,
And sally forth to meet your fate.
But remember - let none know
Where you have planned this night to go,
You'll be expected rain or shine
Where swings the jack-o-lantern sign.

A Halloween party there's going to be,
And we want you there as sure as can be;
There'll be joy and laughter by the ton
Please say you will come and join the fun!

A big black witch and a little red devil,
Are planning a regular Halloween revel.
Come at 8 o'clock up my dark walk
Wear a costume and don't dare talk.

Come, Jack-o'-Lanterns, gather,
And Jell-o'-Lanterns, too.
Meet at the Witch's Hollow
And taste the witch's brew.
The password's "flying broomsticks,
Cat's green eyes, me-ow"
So if you would be jolly
Just come, we'll show you how.

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